The Four Faced Wind

Poetry by Valeria Castellanos

Almost Midnight

Oblivion no longer closing in
Atmosphere no longer growing thin
Clouds advance, beginning to spin
Moonlight glowing in the night
Shadows dance in the fire’s fierce light
Earth is a snake of molten steel
Spinning about like a spinning wheel
Moving in the best direction
Seeking a spirit world connection
Manifest in space and time
Seeking harmony
And, rhythm and rhyme
Knowing there are no day glow stars
Not on this lovely, bright, green planet
Not on Mercury, Venus nor Mars
Flowers brighter than the sun
Filling the empty spaces
Dragons springing out of the void
Filling the empty places
Changing everything
Autumn and Spring
Though the devils sill dance
And, the angels sill sing
The Wind’s always blowing, Water is flowing
Fire is transforming, Earth’s always growing
The bright Day is always fighting with Night
The dark Night forever is fighting with daylight
The North fights with South
The hot fights with cold
The East fights with West
And, the young with the old
Now, how is the future going to unfold?
There are thousands of stories
To still be told

Pineapple Street

Sometimes it is just that a ghost got caught.
Went too far. Stayed later than she ought.
Should have kept on going. Wanted just to wait.
Unfinished. Frustrated. Just could not let go.
Sometimes that’s the way it was, and, sometimes,
Well, no.
Sometimes they really tried, but just could not get in.
Too weak, too tired, too lost, too thin.
Sometimes they were fighting, but just could not get out.
A ghost, you know, can’t make a sound.
Can’t scream or shriek or shout.
Maybe a scratch, or an icy wind,
A knock, or a click, or a rattle.
Just finding they really are out there,
Is sometimes half the battle.

It is a thin line, the line between here and there,
Between understanding and bewilderment,
Between life and death,
Between reality and spirituality.
No one knows where it is.
It is an indefinable line.
It is an invisible line.
It is made of nothing.
Reinforced by nothing.
Sometimes you think it has been crossed,
But, it’s just your imagination.
Sometimes it’s your imagination which has been crossed,
One way or another.
Sometimes, it isn’t you going,
It’s the other side breaking back in.
And then, you have to be really careful.
Everything is different when you are dying.
It’s not that you are going to give up trying.
It’s more that you know you can’t possibly win.
After all, when you are going away,
On which side,
Are you going to be,
If everything dies in the end?

by V. Castellanos – May 2022


I am wilder than anyone.
Please, don’t leave me alone.
I dream about you all of the time.

Sometimes I am in the darkness.
Sitting on a park bench.
Sometimes I am waiting for a train.
Sometimes I am waiting for the rain,
for the moon,
for warmth,
for growth,
for tranquility,
for mobility,
for nobility,
for something to happen,
for the stars to be lit,
for my next song to be a hit,
for the sky to come tumbling down,
for the sun to smile or the stars to frown,
for you to come to town,
or, for time to come kicking in.

Sometimes I am celebrating the start of life.
Sometimes I am shedding my skin.
Sometimes I am learning how to dance.
Sometimes I am fighting with my desires.
Sometimes I am lighting candles and fires.
Sometimes I am deciding which way to go.
Sometimes I am trying to say yes or no.
Sometimes I am wanting to recollect.
Sometimes I am thinking I will connect.
Sometimes I am welcoming the butterflies.
Sometimes I am hoping the lotus will bloom.
Sometimes I am looking for the sunrise and the sunset.
Sometimes I am singing to the moon.
Sometimes I am wishing on a star.
Sometimes I am wondering where you are.
Sometimes I am following the comets over head.
Sometimes I am watching the scarabs follow the light.
Sometimes I am remembering Atlantis.
Sometimes I am listening for the pronouncements of the seahorses.
Sometimes I am counting on the Dragons of Change.
Sometimes I am trying to understand what my dreams have to say.
Sometimes I swear, I don’t dare to care.
Sometimes I am just moving forward.

Today I am just trying to think of something to say that will make you remember me forever.

by V. Castellanos – May 2022

From the Other Side

The Everglade's are lots of fun 
Buzzing bugs and burning sun 
And now, this is the season 
When another hunt has just begun 
Everyone is on the run 
Everything is bright and green 
The liveliest place you've ever seen 
Everyone's looking for something 
Something to eat 
Someone to beat 
Birds on the wing
Or, trying to sing
Mosquitoes are looking for someone to sting
Claws that catch
Paws that snatch
Maws that crush
And, jaws that gnash
Flash, clash
Don't crash
Flight or fight
Get it right
Watch Out! Don't get Caught!
Is hiding something you can do?
Do you think that you ought to?
Get out of sight!
Maybe that's the thing that's right
If you want to make it through the night

Wet leaves are dripping
And, smell of rain
Clouds rolling in and out again
Camouflage and colors dance
Duck when the wind blows 
Or, you take a chance

I will return to the Everglades
Because that is what I always do
And, I always like to go there
When I can go with you
Someone I can hold onto
My solace and companion
When I get the urge to travel
Because the DNA of the world
Has started to unravel

Never empty, never alone
When I am holding your hand!
Walk with me
Talk to me
Together we really are grand!
Sunburned and wind tossed
If you leave me behind you might get lost

A thousand things happening all at once
Blazing light from here to the horizon
Buzzing flies and perfume sweet
Snakes are underneath our feet
Turtles under the green, twisting vines
Under the cypress and green needled pines
Palmetto, lantana, caterpillars
Anhinga in the skies
Rainbows in the clouds
And, in the alligator's eyes
Shadows full of ibis
Blue tailed skinks and butterflies
Hummingbirds are flying by
Like a flash of light
Fireflies are starting to glow
In the misty, evening night
Music rises out of ant hills
The frog in the tree top sings
Of flowers made of feathers 
Of lichen and insects' wings

Somewhere, behind the Everglades
Inside the Everglades
In territories unexplored
The jungles are painted 
In the one thousand
Incomprehensible colors
Of Paradise
Every one of them green

I will be waiting for you there
Jacaranda in my hair
Under the moonflowers
Under the magnolia tree
You know the one
You can see it from the porch
I will be wearing my favorite bathrobe
The green silk one
Green as the Everglades
With embroidered dragons
You remember
The one that burned up years ago

I will go in bare feet
Because I no longer touch the ground
I no longer disturb
The stars nestled in the black mud
I will tell you fairly tales
Never told before
Written by the marks of the heron's feet
And, the tales of lizards
Green eyed turtles
Golden spiders
Spinning silver spider webs
Imitating the galaxy
Left over from the beginning of time
Violets and primroses in the grasses
Frogs under the black eyed Susans 
Iridescent beetles hunting
Through yellow pollen and red bromeliads
Singing silent, invisible, perfumed songs
White dust in the air
Falling leaves
Full of magic
Catch them if you can
Never let them touch the ground
They will lose their magic if they do
Look at what has already happened
To me
And, what's going to happen to you

by V. Castellanos - May 18, 2022



Eclipse, eclipse
A moment of bliss
A blush, a kiss
Perhaps a chance
Perhaps a dance
A moment to embrace romance
The end of waiting
At last a mating
A merger of souls
Entranced, vibrating
A wild flirtation
An invitation
An undertaking
An earth shaking, agitation
A penetrating, fascinating
Joyful, new awakening

What a collaboration!
A vibrant coordination
A vision of orbiting collision
The culmination of an elation
The intention of a capture
Made of wild and rampant rapture
A revelation, the best sensation
A sweet invocation
To moths of the night
And, to owls on the wing
For stars to shine brightly
And, planets to sing

An accident, a destiny
A time of love, a time of fate
Time to destroy, to hate or create
What is this moment of mating creating?
Is it for loving? 
Is it for hating?
Tell us, oh, tell us
The whole world is waiting

The hot sun is growling
The cold moon is howling
This magic conjunction of powers, is scowling
Announcing the birth of a minatour monster
A human imposter
An apple with thorns
Or a songbird with horns
Is it time for a demon or wild flower
To prosper?

A time to take care,
And, to be most aware
So, turn and see who’s 
Standing right next to you
And, do you know why they are there?

Dust – A Valentine


I fall in love with you
I fall in line with you
I dance in my romance
With you
And, miracles ensue
We resonate together
We become a laser
Focused into a single beam
Living our lives in a single dream
We become a poem
We become as royalty
We are a totality
You are my reality

I dance in a world made manifest
Through the medium of light
You are my guide and my vision
Your music is my sight
Your perfume and your hands
Illuminate and illustrate
My night

Your love enthralls
Enshrouds me
Floods my work
And, fills my world
Like sweet perfume
It fills my room
Covers my being
Covers my seeing
You are contained
In every speck of dust
That enters my illumination
Between now and my death
You are in every breath
I breathe or touch

My love for you is deeper than my dreams
It is older than my heart, it seems
Older than the unfurled world
Older than the dust

You complete me with your aroma
Your atoms enhance my soul
Your particles entrance me
Your aura makes me whole
I gather the dust you give to me
You complete me with your smile

I caress your skin
And, mark it with kisses
I gather you into
The corners of my being
Your heart completes my seeing
Your breath is my sail
And, I inhale

Your intentions are my guidelines
They clear the pathway
For my footfalls
To the dust of your radiant force field
I submit, I yield
And, I am healed

You are selecting
The storms and stories and glories
And, molecules of metal and emotion
That generate my light
You are the sun ripened dust of my day
And, the star dust of my night

Like the ubiquitous dust
In the air
Even when you are not there
My love for you is everywhere

And, all the dust of the world
That has ever been given to me
I give to you
Until it is reclaimed

Without you I am splintered
I am, myself, nothing but dust
Thus, I must
To find you
To cover you
With my love
Older than the galaxy’s dust
Older than the earth
To remind you of your worth
And, our expectations of rebirth
And, to keep you from falling
Into lies
Into someone else’s eyes

V. Castellanos – April 29, 2015

Venus Underground

My digital art
Reality has become a tumbled mosaic, 
Cut out of a thousand, 
Cubist paintings, 
And, scattered across the floor, 
Heads and tails, 
Nothing matching anything else.
My life has become a tangled series of constellations,
With a missing moon embroidered on the border,
A lost comet burning the edges of the clouds,
A thousand shooting stars trying to tell me a story.
I have taken off my veils and painted my eyes,
Oiled my body, full of expectations,
Become a sacrifice caught in a dungeon,
Without a key, 
Without a door, 
Dancing with destiny or tragedy,
Holding hands, fuming kisses,
A crown of dandelions in my hair,
Flinging off seeds in a whirlwind spin,
A waterspout, a tornado in my heart,
My footsteps close to the beat,
To the heat,
To the core of the earth.
I am curled up in the magma, 
A blossoming flower,
A birth,
Hidden in the underearth,
Of the caves, under the waves,
Where flames rule and secrets turn to fire,
Laughter smoldering in dark corners of desire,
Hypnotic repetitions, sweat and hot flesh,
The passionate mouth of a sleek jaguar,
Panting in the red smoke of longing,
Mars rising, out of ferocity.
Saturn in opposition.
Mars in conjunction with the Sun.
Mercury combust.
The sky is no longer soft.
It is solid, made of mud and cold marble,
Rubble, rejection, on my knees,
Crushing reality,
Hung with hard, pulsating roots,
And, heavy bells,
Perfumed swells,
Sharp rocks, shocks, a tongue that mocks,
And, the heady spores of sensuous mushrooms,
A chilling maze of tunnels,
Tied together with vines and kisses,
And, wishes,
Whispering spiders spinning frigid, iron webs,
Wheels of steel, metal jaws, tearing claws,
Brass chains, silver rains, handcuffs,
Mosses with interlocking gears, Wedding rings and bitter tears,
Lichen with grinding teeth,
Copper tarnished to the color of mildew.
The mouth of the wild wind turned to blue,
Stuffed with sandstone, chalk white bone,
Ice and clay,
Weighed down with frozen briars,
Torn by barbed, ice cycle wires,
Unable to remember,
The innocence of yesterday's desires.
I have turned myself inside out.
I have ceased to fight, to shoot, to shout.
I have given up.
I have accepted everything,
Allowed everyone to be a part.
Allowed everyone to enter my heart,
Ghosts to enter my body.
Looking for warmth, for love, for longing.
Waiting for the sun. Wanting to have some fun.
Everything is right now.
Time is suspended.
Space upended.
Everyone is real.
Everyone is alone.
Everyone stands on their own.
Nothing will be rewarded.
Enlightenment abandoned,
Tangled angles in every direction,
A cubist painting,
Confusion at the door,
Broken into pieces all over the floor.
Here you are as warm as I.
Here I try.
Still, I am yearning,
Trying, learning.
I want to be.
I think that you are just like me.
Desperate blood and flesh,
Flashing, boiling, 
Eyes connected,
Hot bones and wet skin,
Tornadoes in our hair,
Cinnamon on our breath,
Willing to do anything, trying to do my best,
A wild rose blooming on my breast,
Beating, a beast, emerging,
Pulsating with the rising head of the hooded python,
Writhing to the drumbeat of tambourines,
And, merging with the music of eight legged scorpions,
On the edge of awareness,
Of survival,
Of satisfaction,
Of understanding.
Enter me, if you dare.
Take me, if you care.
Dance with me, I will be everywhere,
And, I will fill your otherwise empty spaces,
Yawning in the caverns,
Between birth and death.

Written by V. Castellanos – May, 2020

The Blue Mahogany

The Blue Tree in the Everglades by V. Castellanos
The Blue Tree in the Everglades by V. Castellanos

I believe in the internal, chemical connections 
between belief and happiness

I believe I am made of light 
and I am happy 
because the stars sing to me 
and the blue mahogany catches me 
     in her arms and kisses me

I believe I am made of songs 
and I am happy 
because I can catch the wind 
and the shadows of the moon
    before they reach the blue horizon

The blue mahogany believes
she is made of shadows
and I am the kiss of the wind 
She believes the moon is happy 
because I have been caught by the song of the clouds

The wind believes 
the mahogany is made of songs
and I am the shadow of the stars  
He believes the clouds are happy
because the light catches the blue horizon

The moon believes 
the light is made of wind
and I am a song
She believes the shadows are happy
because the stars kiss the clouds

I believe you caught me
in the song of the blue mahogany
when the clouds were made of light
and the wind was made of stars
and the shadows of the moon kissed the blue horizon

You believe I am made of kisses
and I am happy because you are the light of my life

I believe I am happy
because you catch me in your arms
and sing to me the songs 
of the light of the stars 
and the moon’s blue, horizon clouds
and the songs 
of the wind’s blue mahogany shadows

I believe we are made of songs and light
and happiness
because we believe we are in love

The Glass Bead Game

The Glass Bead Game – not my art

I awoke with the land folded in on itself.
A sky full of clouds,
With open mouths,
With tongues of sun,
And, eyes of wire,
Taunting the skies,
With spears of fire.

Wandering with fireflies,
What do you watch with moonlight eyes?
Are you lost, tonight, in moonlit nightshade?
In what darkness do you wade?
Do you dance with Belladonna?
Do you toast a toadstool moon?
Are you tossed about tonight,
By a hail storm’s tune?

The mist is mired, and maze inspired.
The labyrinth is spinning loud.
It sings in the opaque landscape’s light,
Behind the steel gray cloud.

Eat golden fire and scarlet weed,
Drink the tea of the dark datura seed.
Laughter, tears and heart aches feed,
Now, string another cold, glass bead.
Dust devils dance in warm swamp gas,
And, the Phoenix burns in the mermaid’s pass.
Jeweled thoughts roam outside my mind,
For the meek are weak and, the strong will shine.
It is always so, it will always be.
You must stand and fight or turn and flee.

Achieve and conquer,
Gain and grow.
Take the next glass bead,
Then turn and go.

With dragons are you dancing,
In the Hell-cat fires?
Did you pick a fight tonight,
With the tongue sharp liars?
Begonias, pink, boom in the shade,
With crooked sword and sharpened blade.
Is all this just for a cold, glass bead?
Does it fill your heart?
Does it make you bleed?
Is now the time to be afraid?
Are you ready to go? Was the piper paid?

Did you wish on the wishing star?
Do you know where you went? Did you travel far?
Did you know yourself. Do you know my name?
Do you think that you won the glass bead game?


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