Lo, I am at the crossroads

 where all men meet

 It is here I pause

I consider which way to go

I stoop to add another stone

to mark my passing

and, I wait, to see who comes along

I have become indifferent to everything

except unconditional freedom

beyond land and sea

I want to go to sit on mountains

and count lost civilizations

lost cultures, lost wisdom, lost souls

I want to go to wander with my shadow

and we together want to seek, we want to speak

we want to sing to the sky

to the dust, to the rust

to thorns and scorpions

to strength and to determination

knowing we are of the same great importance

as the venom of snakes and the solitude of stars

I want to go to watch humanity, lost

rivers of small minds, running like beetles

over the earth

feeding whipperwills of fantasy

and belligerent blue jays of war

shrieking into the clouds

with complaints and promises

seeking one another

seeking security

seeking acceptance






fulfill all my wishes

seeking affection

devoid of direction

full of free will

free to fail, free to fall

free to try, to die

to never know why

to become either fodder

or slaves

to be washed clean by waves

or become ever smaller under the weight of gravity

and the duration of time

the shrinking of thinking

and reason

The heart which does not care first for itself

is flawed beyond repair

How can it beat on behalf of others?

Let my heart beat in the clear, rare air

Let my breath gather the insights of the heights

I am resigned to nature and to nothing else

for man’s ways are as fickle as his mind

and change as quickly as his ways

as what he says and who he pays

who he obeys and why he prays

But, the mountains are beginning to tremble

And, the winds are singing of tsunamis

Night is falling

Long shadows are calling

warning that hard times are coming

So, I am going

to return to the fold

to hold hands with my brothers and sisters

I do not want to lose my place in line

and, I may be able to help

Valeria Castellanos – August 16, 2015