Lizard - not my art

I want to ask the lizards

In clouds, what faces do they see?

What are their expectations

Of the flower and the tree?

Have they cultivated

A great desire to fly?

What colors call them by their names

From the blinding sky?

What are the ancient rituals

They use to worship gods?

What are the words of lullabies

They sing to milkweed pods?

What in the wide world do they love?

And, what to them is frightening?

From where do they think comes the storm?

And, what’s the use of lightning?

Where do they think the stars are going?

Why is the river always flowing?

Why does the earth spin ’round about?

What makes the thunder want to shout?

When they’re waiting, in the sun

Do they wonder, just for fun

What would keep the wind from blowing?

And, what will they do if the roots stopped growing?

Valeria Castellanos – March 12, 2015