Water, impassioned




 Remembers everything

Heard or tasted or seen

And, rain washes everything clean

The whispering rain

Has come back again

   It drives me insane

   Gathers all of my secret life

My joyfulness, my sighs, my strife

   My music and my soulful kisses

   My carousels and ringing shells

   Fire works and singing bells

   Sand spur beaches, wishing wells

   The woven magic of mathematics

   Psychic poems and dramatics

   The dreams of maniacs and addicts

Then sheds them everywhere, like tears

Of rampant joys or woeful fears

The wind is racing into the future

   And, now it is almost there

   Wrestling with time

   So short is mine

   Ignoring my sorrow

   And, seeking tomorrow

But, time is a tyrant

   Orders the world

   Keeps the world in order

   Keeps the world within the border

   Denies commotion

   Rejects emotion

   And, keeps his hard, cold hold

On everything he reaches

He will not relinquish control

My remembering, now, is shifting




Breaking all of my rules

Misleading myself and the other fools

Yesterday, quickly gone

   Like the liquid moment of a slick, rippling dawn

Blurred, deferred, unheard anywhere

I don’t care

   Today I am going to be

   Whatever I see

Almost nothing

   Moves faster than light

   So, nothing defines me as much as my sight

Yet, my memories, fading, I want to hold tight

Let me remember my dreams

   And, the wishes and schemes

   That I lost in the night

I promise to whisper them, right

   Back, into time

Into mirrors and rhyme

All of my memories

   Standing in line

   Ring, again and again

   Like a lovely refrain

   They drive me insane

Say I’ve nothing to lose

Say I’ve nothing to gain

   Why not give all my thoughts

To the whispering rain?