Autumn Frog by V. Castellanos

The dry, rare, red air
has set my eyes aglow
my breath unsteady
my lips unready
and, my hair
like wire
on fire

The wind
in crimson rushes
through the flowered throngs
encourages my songs
to right the wrongs
entices the broiling
serpentine skies
to release their lies
to give up their ties
to give up their rains
for the green, thirsty frogs
who worship the water
and, who pray
with voices loud
to the roiling cloud

The underworld is shaking
breaking up
underneath the green, shade leaves
where the restless, green mist breathes
full of awe and always knowing
she must keep the jungle growing
berries bright and nectar flowing
green frog’s eyes must keep on glowing
hearts keep jumping, bumping, heaving
frog’s skin, humid, must keep breathing
dodging sunbeams everywhere
wanting water, wishing damp air
hungry, hunting here and there
hunting eggs afloat
lazy puddles 
streams run swift
seeds to sprout
and insects flying
insects dying
insects trying
to make it with a wild heartbeat
through late summer’s dry, red heat
to the time of celebration
reason for the whole creation
the Feast of the Swollen Fruits of Fall
with good tidings to soon be upon us all