Blue Cicada

The blue cicada stopped and frowned 
consumed by a sadness so profound 
she failed to look around 

Pounced on by an attentive snake 
wandering through the garden’s ground 
she was grabbed and gobbled up 
and, then was swallowed down 

But, alas, the snake
made a big mistake
she was not quick enough to take
the path to the left
or the path to the right
she stayed instead in the bright sunlight
and, was spied by a blue heron’s sharp eyesight
Then, in a wink, in a wide eyed blink
quicker than you could come or go
or you could even think
the snake was gone and the bird did fly
off and, away in the blue, high sky
no one left behind him to laugh or sigh or cry
but, a little silver cloud and a bright, green fly

And, just so that you know
in the great bye and bye
next day a gray spider came along
and, devoured the little, green guy