Eclipse, eclipse
A moment of bliss
A blush, a kiss
Perhaps a chance
Perhaps a dance
A moment to embrace romance
The end of waiting
At last a mating
A merger of souls
Entranced, vibrating
A wild flirtation
An invitation
An undertaking
An earth shaking, agitation
A penetrating, fascinating
Joyful, new awakening

What a collaboration!
A vibrant coordination
A vision of orbiting collision
The culmination of an elation
The intention of a capture
Made of wild and rampant rapture
A revelation, the best sensation
A sweet invocation
To moths of the night
And, to owls on the wing
For stars to shine brightly
And, planets to sing

An accident, a destiny
A time of love, a time of fate
Time to destroy, to hate or create
What is this moment of mating creating?
Is it for loving? 
Is it for hating?
Tell us, oh, tell us
The whole world is waiting

The hot sun is growling
The cold moon is howling
This magic conjunction of powers, is scowling
Announcing the birth of a minatour monster
A human imposter
An apple with thorns
Or a songbird with horns
Is it time for a demon or wild flower
To prosper?

A time to take care,
And, to be most aware
So, turn and see who’s 
Standing right next to you
And, do you know why they are there?