The rain is over and the forest is full of silver light
Symmetry and reflections, but, nowhere do I see myself
I only see green-eyed spiders, under the shadows
Dreaming in far off dances

The birdsongs have been carried away by the breeze
And, the lingering fog
Has become the color of
Perfume and promises
Radiant clouds, cobweb thick, are racing towards the horizon

I am trying
With eyes shut
To follow them
To catch the green eyed dances
Trying to sing the lost birdsongs
Trying to ride on the cobwebed clouds
Trying to hide in the cobwebed clouds

I am trying to breathe with the snakes
But, they refuse to take my hand
Because they have outgrown themselves
And, are busy shedding their skin –
Something beyond all my experience

I am trying to breathe with the lizards
Who are wrapped in one another’s arms
And, ignoring me
Because they are regrowing their tails –
Something beyond all my expectations

I am trying to breathe
With the dark-winged butterflies
Avoiding the cobwebed clouds
Rings around the rainbows
But, they are living in another time
Too fast for me
And, radiant with the accomplishment of metamorphosis –
Something beyond all my understanding

So, I breathe, instead
With mountains and valleys
With igneous stones and soft sand
With rocks and gullys
With myself
And, with the crystalline colors of the solid earth
Because I am planted
In the logic of words
In faith in thoughts
The tyranny of emotions
The restrictions of entropy
I am planted
Without the breath of after life
Without the bliss of transformation
Without the kiss of reincarnation
In the simplicity of death and birth
For whatever it’s worth
I have the ability to be nothing but myself –
Everything else is beyond my reach