Images of Heaven

Light against the sandbar.
Cast your fisher net.
Catch mermaid’s curls and floating pearls,
And images of heaven.

The soothing palms are holding,
One another’s hands,
Sheltering weeds and dragon’s seeds,
And images of heaven.

A single moment of soaring flight,
The rise of a graceful bird,
This is all it takes,
For me to forget,
The glories an empire built.

My bones go crack in the wind.
The scent of darkness,
Has worn down the night.
I have come before a courtyard,
Which is mist and poppy filled.

An ibis is blocking my way.
The courtyard gate is locked.
And the poppies grow,
The lilies glow,
On the other side,
Where I cannot go,
On the other side,
Where all I see,
Are images of heaven.