The touchstone has been mislaid.
Can’t tell if I’m real or not.
It is time to look at my blood.
It is time to re-play my dreams.
I have heard
That the promised word,
No longer says what it means.

To spores of rocks and marble eggs,
How does my birth compare?
Nature, it seems, is changing her ways.
Let the bearded, old men beware.

Why do you watch me so carefully?
What do you want to take?
Best we keep our eyes
On tomorrow’s prize,
And, beware for the children’s sake.

The touchstone has been mislaid.
Can’t tell if you’re fake or real.
Best be awake,
So much is at stake,
And, so fast goes the spinning wheel.

Fake or mistake, there is danger,
Gravel and marl in the veins.
Cold in the eye and, marble sky,
Granite roses and glacial rains.

Igneous ocean, rock bound maze.
Take careful watch of uncertain days.
Nature, it seems, is changing,
Her time worn, age old ways.

Limestone shadows, time lines fade,
Dawn’s undone and land re-made,
Nothing is certain,
The touchstone is gone,
And, the truth has been mislaid.