Hormiga Wars

The Hormigas have started invading
The Hormigas are everywhere
They are swarming into the kitchen
They’re climbing into my hair

You get the matches and bullets
I’ll get the guns and the knives
Run and tell all of the neighbor
To protect all their children and wives

Look out they are stealing the sugar
Some are marching away with the toast
A garrisons gotten the rice and the beans
A battalion is eating the roast

I’ve set up bazookas
The bombs and alarms
I’ve cocked all the triggers
On all the firearms

I have primed all the missile
Shot holes in the floor
Oh, I dare them to open
This booby-trapped door

Now they have gotten
The strawberry jam
They’ve taken the herring
They’re stealing the ham

I’ll get explosives
And, camouflage gear
You bomb that squadron
Before it gets here

They are stealing the towels
They are taking my shoes
Quick get machine guns
We must save the booze

They’re clogging the plumbing
They’re stealing the lamps
They’ve eaten your toothpaste
The sheets and the stamps

Poison gas is effective
Get gas masks and spray
Machetes and rifles
Oh, we’ll make them pay

The goldfish are safe
But, they’ve gotten your hat
They can have all the mice
But, let’s rescue the cat

They’ve gotten the curtains
Pot holders and chairs
Now they’re taking the sink
And, the windows and stairs

Set up the ambush
Put traps in the hall
Let’s blow up the toaster
They’ll die when they fall

They are crossing the clothesline
They’re climbing the trees
Agent Orange will work
If we get a good breeze

I will use atom bombs
It is fair to, I say
Just think what will happen
If they get away

They will multiply, multiply
Multiply more
They will cart off the car
And, the road
And, the store

The golf clubs, the babies
The sea and the shore
We must kill everyone!
This is war! This is war!

I think we are winning
They’ve called a retreat
There are only a thousand now
Under my feet

They are dying by hundreds
By millions perhaps
Their lungs filled with acid
Their feet caught in traps

Get grenades! Shoot the rockets!
Now, they’re on the run
And, the piles of their carcasses
Say we have won!!

Scurry back to your holes
In the walls in the ground!!
Bet you figured out now
We don’t want you around!!

The survivors are scampering
They’ll not be back soon
Oh, I think we’re safe now
Well, at least until noon

Hormiga is the Spanish word for ant

V. Castellanos – March 2002