Dark Alley Rain

Footsteps echo dark alley rain
Splashes in neon reflections of street light’s circles
Sidewalks of cold cement which breath cannot break
Rough brick walls which hands cannot tear down

Seeking in the shadows for a lost yesterday
For cracks in the exoskeleton of the city
Streams of cold air that smell like you

The Nightingale has fled into blue eyed nightshade dreams
Where rain no longer reaches
Life is full where they have gone
Beyond the reality of rainstorms

Here the wet night rains are still alive
They stretch my skin as taught as empty moonlight
Consumed by the intensity of clouds underfoot
Boiling smoke, smelling like dim sum
And, air conditioning, powered by thunder
Trying to not forget anything about you

Maple leaves, as red as my heart
Have sunk into thick, black mud
Where you and I used to walk
Holding hands

A wet, bedraggled pigeon feather
Stuck to hexagonal, sidewalk blocks
On a lonely corner that once was ours

Starlight is pushing against the cloud
A wet shadow glides by
A perfumed breeze brushes my shoulder
And, everything is just as it was
Suddenly you are mine again
Beside a swirl of rainbow oil in the gutter
Just like it used to be
The taste of rain in my mouth is real
And, I am satisfied for days