White lace, silver lace,
Mistletoe, come kiss my face.
Pink lace, red lace,
Time to go to bed, lace,
Lipstick, let’s pick up the pace,

Chiffon and satin, velvet lace,
High heels and feathers, just in case.
Rocking lace, silk stocking lace,
Rose perfume, but just a trace.

Old lace, gold lace,
I won’t fold-up-my-fan-yet lace,
Flirt with me, it’s not a race,
We’ve lots of time, no need for haste.

Candle light invokes romance,
So, come to me, I want to dance.
Don’t waste this space, its pleasure based.
I have a taste for smoky lace,
For bedroom lace, with a racy taste.
I’ve put away my can of mace.
I went out and got some peek-a-boo lace,
And, I put it here, in the very best place.

Scarlett lace, A harlot’s lace,
You don’t want this,
To go to waste.
Lollipop lace, And, don’t-stop lace.
Am I going to be, sometime tonight,
Right in your tight embrace?

Black lace, lace on fire,
I’m burning up with my desire.
Come on, let’s go, its no disgrace.
What ever you want, I’m still sure it’s the case,
That I can put a smile back on your face.