The Four Faced Wind

Poetry by Valeria Castellanos


May 2022

Pineapple Street

Sometimes it is just that a ghost got caught.
Went too far. Stayed later than she ought.
Should have kept on going. Wanted just to wait.
Unfinished. Frustrated. Just could not let go.
Sometimes that’s the way it was, and, sometimes,
Well, no.
Sometimes they really tried, but just could not get in.
Too weak, too tired, too lost, too thin.
Sometimes they were fighting, but just could not get out.
A ghost, you know, can’t make a sound.
Can’t scream or shriek or shout.
Maybe a scratch, or an icy wind,
A knock, or a click, or a rattle.
Just finding they really are out there,
Is sometimes half the battle.

It is a thin line, the line between here and there,
Between understanding and bewilderment,
Between life and death,
Between reality and spirituality.
No one knows where it is.
It is an indefinable line.
It is an invisible line.
It is made of nothing.
Reinforced by nothing.
Sometimes you think it has been crossed,
But, it’s just your imagination.
Sometimes it’s your imagination which has been crossed,
One way or another.
Sometimes, it isn’t you going,
It’s the other side breaking back in.
And then, you have to be really careful.
Everything is different when you are dying.
It’s not that you are going to give up trying.
It’s more that you know you can’t possibly win.
After all, when you are going away,
On which side,
Are you going to be,
If everything dies in the end?

by V. Castellanos – May 2022


I am wilder than anyone.
Please, don’t leave me alone.
I dream about you all of the time.

Sometimes I am in the darkness.
Sitting on a park bench.
Sometimes I am waiting for a train.
Sometimes I am waiting for the rain,
for the moon,
for warmth,
for growth,
for tranquility,
for mobility,
for nobility,
for something to happen,
for the stars to be lit,
for my next song to be a hit,
for the sky to come tumbling down,
for the sun to smile or the stars to frown,
for you to come to town,
or, for time to come kicking in.

Sometimes I am celebrating the start of life.
Sometimes I am shedding my skin.
Sometimes I am learning how to dance.
Sometimes I am fighting with my desires.
Sometimes I am lighting candles and fires.
Sometimes I am deciding which way to go.
Sometimes I am trying to say yes or no.
Sometimes I am wanting to recollect.
Sometimes I am thinking I will connect.
Sometimes I am welcoming the butterflies.
Sometimes I am hoping the lotus will bloom.
Sometimes I am looking for the sunrise and the sunset.
Sometimes I am singing to the moon.
Sometimes I am wishing on a star.
Sometimes I am wondering where you are.
Sometimes I am following the comets over head.
Sometimes I am watching the scarabs follow the light.
Sometimes I am remembering Atlantis.
Sometimes I am listening for the pronouncements of the seahorses.
Sometimes I am counting on the Dragons of Change.
Sometimes I am trying to understand what my dreams have to say.
Sometimes I swear, I don’t dare to care.
Sometimes I am just moving forward.

Today I am just trying to think of something to say that will make you remember me forever.

by V. Castellanos – May 2022

From the Other Side

The Everglade's are lots of fun 
Buzzing bugs and burning sun 
And now, this is the season 
When another hunt has just begun 
Everyone is on the run 
Everything is bright and green 
The liveliest place you've ever seen 
Everyone's looking for something 
Something to eat 
Someone to beat 
Birds on the wing
Or, trying to sing
Mosquitoes are looking for someone to sting
Claws that catch
Paws that snatch
Maws that crush
And, jaws that gnash
Flash, clash
Don't crash
Flight or fight
Get it right
Watch Out! Don't get Caught!
Is hiding something you can do?
Do you think that you ought to?
Get out of sight!
Maybe that's the thing that's right
If you want to make it through the night

Wet leaves are dripping
And, smell of rain
Clouds rolling in and out again
Camouflage and colors dance
Duck when the wind blows 
Or, you take a chance

I will return to the Everglades
Because that is what I always do
And, I always like to go there
When I can go with you
Someone I can hold onto
My solace and companion
When I get the urge to travel
Because the DNA of the world
Has started to unravel

Never empty, never alone
When I am holding your hand!
Walk with me
Talk to me
Together we really are grand!
Sunburned and wind tossed
If you leave me behind you might get lost

A thousand things happening all at once
Blazing light from here to the horizon
Buzzing flies and perfume sweet
Snakes are underneath our feet
Turtles under the green, twisting vines
Under the cypress and green needled pines
Palmetto, lantana, caterpillars
Anhinga in the skies
Rainbows in the clouds
And, in the alligator's eyes
Shadows full of ibis
Blue tailed skinks and butterflies
Hummingbirds are flying by
Like a flash of light
Fireflies are starting to glow
In the misty, evening night
Music rises out of ant hills
The frog in the tree top sings
Of flowers made of feathers 
Of lichen and insects' wings

Somewhere, behind the Everglades
Inside the Everglades
In territories unexplored
The jungles are painted 
In the one thousand
Incomprehensible colors
Of Paradise
Every one of them green

I will be waiting for you there
Jacaranda in my hair
Under the moonflowers
Under the magnolia tree
You know the one
You can see it from the porch
I will be wearing my favorite bathrobe
The green silk one
Green as the Everglades
With embroidered dragons
You remember
The one that burned up years ago

I will go in bare feet
Because I no longer touch the ground
I no longer disturb
The stars nestled in the black mud
I will tell you fairly tales
Never told before
Written by the marks of the heron's feet
And, the tales of lizards
Green eyed turtles
Golden spiders
Spinning silver spider webs
Imitating the galaxy
Left over from the beginning of time
Violets and primroses in the grasses
Frogs under the black eyed Susans 
Iridescent beetles hunting
Through yellow pollen and red bromeliads
Singing silent, invisible, perfumed songs
White dust in the air
Falling leaves
Full of magic
Catch them if you can
Never let them touch the ground
They will lose their magic if they do
Look at what has already happened
To me
And, what's going to happen to you

by V. Castellanos - May 18, 2022



Eclipse, eclipse
A moment of bliss
A blush, a kiss
Perhaps a chance
Perhaps a dance
A moment to embrace romance
The end of waiting
At last a mating
A merger of souls
Entranced, vibrating
A wild flirtation
An invitation
An undertaking
An earth shaking, agitation
A penetrating, fascinating
Joyful, new awakening

What a collaboration!
A vibrant coordination
A vision of orbiting collision
The culmination of an elation
The intention of a capture
Made of wild and rampant rapture
A revelation, the best sensation
A sweet invocation
To moths of the night
And, to owls on the wing
For stars to shine brightly
And, planets to sing

An accident, a destiny
A time of love, a time of fate
Time to destroy, to hate or create
What is this moment of mating creating?
Is it for loving? 
Is it for hating?
Tell us, oh, tell us
The whole world is waiting

The hot sun is growling
The cold moon is howling
This magic conjunction of powers, is scowling
Announcing the birth of a minatour monster
A human imposter
An apple with thorns
Or a songbird with horns
Is it time for a demon or wild flower
To prosper?

A time to take care,
And, to be most aware
So, turn and see who’s 
Standing right next to you
And, do you know why they are there?

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